Whale of a Sale



Taking the time to prep your items for the sale will greatly increase how well your times sale! We encourage you to inspect each and every item!


  • All clothing should be laundered, wrinkle free, odor free, animal hair free, and on a hanger.
  • Items MUST be hung so that the hanger forms a question mark when the clothing is facing you. (See image.)
  • Plastic or wire hangers should be used for clothing items.
  • When hanging pants, shorts, or skirts, safety pin them to the TOP of the hanger , not the bottom rung, so they do not slide. (See image.)
  • Make sure tag is attached with either a safety pin or a tagging guy. Staples, straight pins, clothespins, and tape are prohibited for attaching tags.Make sure tag is printed on white card stock. If using a tagging gun, attach the tag to the garment tag or through a seam on the RIGHT hand side of the garment, or at the back inside seam of a pair of pants. Placing the tagging gun directly through fabric will likely cause a hole.
  • We highly suggest bundling clothes to make outfits especially for clothes under 3T!


  • Shoes should be clean and in gently used or like new condition.A great way to clean up shoes is with a wall eraser!
  • Use zip-ties to secure shoes together or place them in a storage bag.
  • Do your best to attach tags securely, as shoes are heavily shopped during the sale.


  • All toys should be clean and free of excessive wear. A great way to freshen up those toys is to use cleaning wipes and wall erasers.
  • All toys MUST be in working order. Items that require batteries should have working batteries in them. We will spot check toys at the sale to ensure they work. If your toy doesn’t work, it will be pulled off the sales floor.
  • Remember if a toy has small parts, place them in a sealed Ziploc bag and attach the tag with tape or zip-ties.


  • Puzzles must contain all pieces. A great way to secure puzzle pieces is to wrap the puzzle in plastic wrap.
  • For games, use painter’s tape to secure tops/lids, Make sure all pieces are included in the game. Our team will be spotting checking games!
  • We encourage you not to use packing and duct tape. Both kinds of tape can damage your items.
  • A great way to keep multiple books together is to use storage bags! Put the tag on the outside of the baggie. If you are selling a single book, tape the tag to the back inside cover of books. Use painters tape to avoid ripping or tearing.
  • DVDs should be secured with tape at the opening.





  • Our MOST POPULAR category!
  • A great way to freshen up these items is to clean them with wipes and wall erasers!
  • Put any extra pieces in a storage bag and zip tie to the item.
  • Large Item Claim Tags will be attached at drop off for items that are too large or too heavy to carry while shopping.
  • We can’t accept any recalled items.
  • All baby gear and furniture must be fully assembled.
  • .We suggest including the item manual.
  • Baby Carriers and Slings should be placed on hangers (in the question mark form).