Whale of a Sale

Accepted Items &
Inventory Limits

Please see clothing limits below:

  • GIRLS CLOTHING (Newborn to Size 16) – 100 items
  • BOYS CLOTHING (Newborn to Size 16) – 100 items
  • JUNIOR BOYS CLOTHING (XS – XXL) – 20 items
  • WOMEN’S BOUTIQUE – 10 items
  • MATERNITY – 10 items
  • SHOES – 15 per gender

Each tag entered into the system is considered one item, so multiple items sold together on one hanger for one price is considered one item (i.e. one hanger with an outfit or a set of onesies).

New this sale – women’s and junior clothing items will be put in a number size category. We will not be using XS – XXL. We will send a size chart out to consignors to follow!

Our sellers love these items: Bikes, tricycles, scooters, play kitchens, dollhouses, ride-on toys, strollers, highchairs, pack & plays, exersaucers, swings, baby carrier, and outdoor play equipment! 

We take pride in providing families with an opportunity to buy high quality, brand name items at great prices. For this reason, Whale of a Sale – Columbus does NOT accept the following:

  • Out-of-date clothing that is 5 years or older. Our customers are looking for brand names and current styles. Items that look dated or worn out will be removed from the sales floor.
  • Faded, wrinkled, stained, animal hair covered, bad odor, or damaged clothing items will not be accepted. We are NOT a garage sale or a thrift store. Our customers expect to find high quality items. Please take the time to make sure that each of your items are neat, clean, fresh smelling, and wrinkle free. Thank you for your understanding that some items will be returned to you at pick up if they do not meet sale standards.
  • Individual onesies will not be accepted. Onesies either need to be grouped in multiples or with an outfit.
  • No used socks, bras, or underwear.
  • Clothing could be removed from the sales floor if it isn’t seasonally appropriate. We do accept bathing suits, winter jackets, Halloween costumes, and athleticwear year round.

Shoes must be clean. They must be in EXCELLENT (like new) condition.

  • no missing shoelaces
  • scuffed toes
  • bad smell
  • worn out soles

Toys must be clean. Toys must be functioning and include working batteries to be sold. We will test toys. Items without batteries or that do not work will be returned to you at pick up, unless marked for donate. Our shoppers love American Girl/Our Generation doll toys, barbies, Legos, matchbox cars, dinosaurs, and more! We are unable to accept:

  • Toys that are extremely faded or worn out will not be accepted.
  • Toys that are broken or missing parts will not be accepted.
  • No fast food toys (Happy Meals).
  • No recalled toys, damaged toys, or items that could be considered dangerous.

Books must be free of writing and without damaged covers or torn pages. Boxed puzzles and games must contain all pieces. Please count the pieces prior to drop off.

Baby gear must be clean, functioning, and have all the necessary parts. If the baby gear requires batteries, it must include working batteries. We will test each item to make sure it is working properly. Items that are not clean or functioning will be returned to you at pick up, unless marked for donate. Our shoppers love strollers, pack & plays, exersaucers, swings, bouncy chairs, and baby carriers. We are unable to accept:

  • No recalled or damaged items
  • No items that could be considered dangerous.
  • Crib bumpers and inclined sleepers are not accepted

We accept all furniture and decor appropriate for a nursery or child’s room. We accept select home decor such as candle holders, picture frames, artwork, vases, collectibles, lamps, decorator pillows, occasional furniture, and holiday decor. As with all items brought to the sale, please make sure your home decor items are current, clean, and in like-new condition. Our shoppers love cribs, changing tables, and rockers. We are unable to accept:

  • Due to crib recalls and safety legislation, we CANNOT accept any cribs manufactured prior to January 2011.
  • No home appliances, electronics, or housewares.

Crib sheets, Pack-n-play sheets, mattress pads along with baby blankets will be accepted but must be unstained and in like-new condition. Comforter sets must be current, clean, and in like-new condition.

·We do not accept sheet sets unless they are crib/toddler bed size.

·We do not accept home-made blankets (crochet/knit).

Soccer cleats, football cleats, tennis racquets, ice skates, bikes, scooters are a few examples of sporting goods items that we accepts. All items must be unstained and in like-new condition. Our shoppers love all sporting good items!