Whale of a Sale


  • Drop off is by appointment only on Wednesday, April 10 and Thursday, April 11! You sign up for your drop off time in your consignor account.  If you have any issues, feel free to reach out for help.
  • You will not enter the building at all. 
  • We will handle drop off much like a school car line. 
  • You need to arrive promptly at your scheduled time.
  • You will pull up to the front of Ceraland’s main building. (location picture below & remember to tell them at the gate that you are with Whale of a Sale so you don’t pay a fee to enter)  We will have orange cones numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Pull to the farthest cone available.
  • A Whale crew member will meet you at your car. You will get out of your car and unload your items.

IMPORTANT: You are limited to a 20 minute drop off time to keep the line moving! If your items are not sorted properly, we will have to ask that you move to the parking lot to get your clothes, toys, décor, shoes, etc. organized and then get back in line.  For drop off to run smoothly & efficiently, your role in being prepared before you get in line is essential.


  1. Clothes need to be sorted by size and gender.  You need to wrap a new trash bag around the sorted clothes and write the size and gender on the outside of the trash bag. For example, 2T Girls.  You will hang your clothes on the rolling rack provided. Girl’s & Women’s clothes will go one side of the rack and boy’s clothes will go on the other side of the rack.  Don’t forget, items MUST be hung so that the hanger forms a question mark when the clothing is facing you.
  2. Your shoes and accessories need to be sorted by gender and grouped together.
  3. Toys that are similar need to be grouped together, as best as possible. For example, Hot Wheels together, Barbies together, Legos together, etc.
  4. Books need to be grouped by chapter book, board book, first reader, and adult book.
  5. Puzzles need to be group together.
  6. Home décor grouped together.
  7. Nursery items grouped together.
  8. Sporting Goods grouped together.


  1. If big items need assembled, we ask that you unload your item, move your car to the parking lot and then come back up to assemble it.
    Note: If you need tools to assemble your item, please bring your tools.  We will not have enough tools on hand for everyone to use.   
  2. We will put all the big item tags on your items!

If you are bringing your items in bins and would like them back, please put a piece of tape on each bin with your name and number.  You will move your car to the parking lot, and we will call you as soon as the bins are empty!


  1. We have clothing limits and shoe limits!
    1. Girls/Boys clothes – 100 hangers
    2. Juniors – 25 hangers
    3. Shoes – 15 children’s pairs & 10 adult pairs
    4. Women’s Boutique – 10 hangers
    5. Women’s Athletic – 10 hangers
  2. All ACCEPTED ITEMS listed here: http://whale-sale-columbus.com/accepted-items/



Earnings will be sent via direct deposit. If you already have a direct deposit form on file with us, you DO NOT need to fill another one. If you do not already have one on file, you will need to complete one.  Please email it back to lesli@whale-sale-columbus.com by April 8th.  DO NOT bring your form to the sale.  We don’t have a way to secure them during the sale. If we don’t receive a a direct deposit form, you will automatically receive a check.

Paper checks will have a $5 fee. Paypal is not longer available as a payment option.  If you are requesting a paper check, the address in your consignor account MUST be correct! We will not update addresses for you. 


Under the CONSIGNORS area of our website, you’ll find lots of information to help you prep your items, pricing strategies and more.

TIP: Tag the BIG STUFF and highest valued items first. Hit the garage and toy room for our top selling stuff… bikes, strollers, ride-ons, electronics and TOYS galore!


Let all your friends and family know about the upcoming sale! The best way to get your stuff sold is to let everyone know about the sale.  Like and share our post! And, let everyone know that you are a consignor!


Consignors have early shopping privileges on Friday, September 8, as well as “early access” entry to the half-price sale on Sat at 5:30 PM.  Every consignor is welcome to bring a guest at their shopping time.  If you purchased a consignor upgrade ticket, your guest will need one too!

Your shopping time is tiered based on crew shifts worked, tagging services clients, and top seller status. See the entire consignor shopping schedule here – http://whale-sale-columbus.com/consignor-schedule/


Optional Pick up is Sunday, 6:00 – 6:30 pm ONLY as we will exit the building shortly after. We highly encourage donating unsold items to our charity partner Sans Souci.